Note that it prevents maids and delivery people from using elevator spark debate


Hyderabad: A viral photo of a controversial post in a residential building has sparked backlash from internet users as it discriminatorily prevented “vendors, maids and delivery people” from using the building’s elevator.

The message, reportedly from HiTech City in Hyderabad, read: “If maids, vendors and delivery boys use passenger lifts, they will be fined Rs 500.” After the image quickly gained traction, it sparked a heated debate online.

An X user said: “I went to the main lift with a plastic bag containing my food in my casual clothes. Security came up to me and asked me to use the service elevator since I was a delivery person. I had to tell him that I was staying at my company’s guesthouse.

However, another user claimed that the photo only represents half the truth as such buildings also have service elevators. “The reason why these people are not allowed in is because they block the elevator, which causes problems for the residents,” he said.

While another said: “I live in a closed society. A message has been spread stating that people are using service elevators. Yes, I agree; the wording is wrong, but I’m pretty sure there is no caste or religion bias here.”

This post was last modified on June 11, 2024 6:19 PM