‘Haven’t had it in 30 years’


Put on your boots and go camping

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Omroep Gelderland

NOS News

The avid camper does not let the bad weather stop them, say campsite owners. However, they themselves are done with their swampy camping fields for the time being. “It’s soaking, boots on,” says the owner of the Nieuw Romalo campsite in Voorthuizen to Omroep Gelderland. “We haven’t had it like this in thirty years.”

“We have installed good drainage, but with so much water it does not help enough,” says the campsite owner. That is why cars are not allowed on the field. “We put the caravans in place with a tractor to keep the grass intact. Campers are a problem, they are even more powerful than a caravan.”

In parking lot

Campers who come with a camper therefore have to make do with a spot outside the camping field, in the campsite owner’s garden or in the parking lot. “People understand it,” says the campsite owner.

“The field is wet and boggy. But there are no tracks and there is no mud like at other campsites. In terms of occupancy, it is not disappointing. Campers are also surprised that they are all welcome. We don’t have to cancel anyone, it is a matter of creative division.”

At the recreation resort De Meidoorn in Stroe it is “just soaking”, says the owner. “The surface water is gone. For the rest we have to wait. The camping guests still can’t get on it the field. The ground is very soft and still very wet. Last week everything was blank again. When there is another downpour, everything is covered. I have a lot of regular people, so it’s not too bad. But it’s not fun,” he sighs.

To Greece

“We will have to do it,” says the down-to-earth owner of the Midden Veluwe campsite in Harskamp about flooding at his campsite. “We have ditches along the fields, where the water is pumped out. So people have dry feet.”

It is less busy than he is used to and he attributes that to the weather. “People have been in the rain for five or six months. They have now gone to Greece and are eating souvlaki and tzatziki. But then the money runs out and they stay in the Netherlands again. And everything that falls now will not fall in the summer It will be a wonderful construction project,” he says hopefully.