The chance to reach the final was for Bucaramanga


Julian Andrés Santa

As with the last competitors of 2022, on the final day everything was given to Deportivo Pereira to become a finalist and later champion, now the opportunity was Atlético Bucaramanga. The Leopardos reached the first conclusion of their historic past in the shorter competitions, beating Deportivo Pereira 1-3. Rafael Dudamel from Venezuela enters the historical past and delights the capital of the metropolis Santander with its first star.

An invisible dot began to appear

Since the top of the 2014 event, the group was not in the finals due to an invisible level. At that moment Santa Fe did it and yesterday Bucaramanga showed that factor. In Group A, everyone was level on eight points, and Millonarios’ 2-0 win over Junior helped them, ending the Sharks.

Bad first half for Matecaña

Deportivo Pereira had a poor first half, where Bucaramanga took advantage and Argentinian Fabián Sambueza opened the scoring. Matecañas could not lift his head or recover from the goal and left a nasty picture in the first half. Already in the final stages, Matecañas confirmed a completely different picture: they managed to level the sport and reach the semi-finals.

Faber came in and made a distinction

When the ‘potatoes were on the hearth’, Leonel Álvarez Faber sent Gil to the sector in the second half and through his first contact he took half in a mix game that started with the able help of Carlos Darwin Quintero. Faber fought for the ball all the way to the top, he put the space inside the space and Andrés Ibargüen broke Aldair Quintana’s goal with an excellent goal, bringing joy to the more than 1,500 Pereira followers currently with Alfonso López.

Bucaramanga was in line

Bucaramanga was not only in a position to get back on top of the board with 2-1 and 3-1, but also benefited from Millonarios’ ‘small hand’ and defeated Junior in the final. Tears in the eyes of the Santander followers reminded them of the big events of the crimson and yellow fan in 2022, when the primary star arrives. Now Bucaramanga may be looking for that first A-star in his entire historical past.

There have been others who have been missing from home

The big takeaway is that Deportivo Pereira were out of place on their home floor during the lockdown. Matecaña had a difficult time in Hernán Ramírez Villegas all semester and in their own runs they only defeated Bucaramanga and drew level with Junior and Millonarios.

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Andrés Ibargüen scored his 4 goals within the semester and all as visitors: Once Caldas, Junior (2) and Bucaramanga.

A synthesis


Aldair Quintana

Santiago Jiménez

Jefferson Mena

Carlos Henao

Aldair Gutierrez

Freddy Hinestroza

Fabry Castro

Fabian Sambueza

Jean Colorado

Emerson Cordoba

Daniel Mosquera

DT: Rafael Dudamel


Salvador Ichazo

Jordan Monroe

Jean Pestana

Jose Moya

Jason Suarez

Juan David Rios

Ederson Moreno

Andrés Ibarguen

Johnny Jordan

Alejandro Piedrahita

Carlos Darwin Quintero

DT: Leonel Álvarez

Changes: Jhonny Jordan left, Faber Gil came in. Ederson Moreno left, Yesus Cabrera entered.