Child protection called foster parents of abused child ‘loving and caring’


Cuddly toys were presented at the Vlaardingen town hall to support the girl

NOS News

The Child Protection Council called the foster parents of the abused foster girl from Vlaardingen “loving and caring” in December, despite doubts about their suitability. This is evident from a failed one who served in Rotterdam in December and which was found by De Telegraaf.

The problematic one involved the confrontation of the parental authority of the child’s biological mother. Child Protection advised that the girl should continue to live with the foster parents. “The Council sees that the girl is happy with the foster parents and that her behavior has developed well with them. Her academic development has also been very positive since she lived in the foster family,” the decision states.

Transfer to family home

The William Schrikker Foundation, which had placed the girl with foster parents and had more contact with the foster family, was originally against letting the girl stay with the foster parents. He advised her to be transferred to a family home, but changed his mind during the argument. According to the foundation, “a number of conditions were drawn up that the foster parents must meet”.

Child Protection also said that the parents “can still improve their skills”. Furthermore, it became great that the parents had not yet taken “the courses offered to increase those skills” and that became impossible they should do that. The judgment does not state whether the parents ultimately took those courses and why they needed them.

Communication problems

The decisive basis is also that a report from the Youth Council states “that the foster parents appear to be (or have been) overburdened by specific temporary circumstances within their family and all agreements surrounding it. It is important that the William Schrikker Foundation takes this into account. has”.

Despite the concerns made by the William Schrikker Foundation that the foster parents “are of good will to remove the concerns described. It is important that everyone takes a step forward. Due to the communication problems between the foster parents, the William Schrikker Youth Protection and Enver Pleegzorg ( another priority that dealt with contact with foster parents, ed.) had not been able to do this before.”

Attempted manslaughter

The Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) is investigating the care surrounding the 10-year-old foster child from Vlaardingen. Child Protection told NOS that it found “it a very sad event”, but does not want to comment on the substance of the case “in connection with the privacy of those directly involved. We usually handle the case internally, also because of the Inspectorate’s investigation. “

The foster parents are arrested on suspicion of attempted murder of their foster daughter. They were admitted to hospital two weeks ago with serious injuries and are still there as far as we know. The AD and De Telegraaf alternately stated that there were several signals that things were getting out of hand at the foster family. According to the AD, the girl told a supermarket employee in December that she could no longer walk and was being beaten at home.