Mother gives birth to daughter just hours after finding her partner dead on the sofa


A new mother has told of the horrific moment she found her partner unconscious on the sofa on the morning she was due to give birth to their daughter.

Rebecca Moss fought back tears as she said, “Wake up, it’s baby’s day,” but Tom Gibson didn’t respond. She went to the couch to give him a kiss and found him lying in his usual sleeping position – but when she touched him he was “cold and stiff” and wouldn’t wake up.

Rebecca told how she called 999, pulled Tom to the ground and tried to revive him, but it was too late. Tom, only 40 years old, had died of sudden cardiac death.

Less than two weeks earlier, Tom spent twelve hours in the emergency room with a stomach flu, during which two heart tests showed ‘complete heart block’, which can lead to sudden cardiac death.

Now, as reported by the Manchester Evening News, an inquest has found that complete heart block was ‘missed’ in the results and never investigated further by doctors. Rebecca gave birth later that day under unthinkable circumstances, and Tom never met the daughter he longed for.

Tom was excited to welcome their first child into the world

The inquest began at Stockport Crown Court on Tuesday, almost a year after Tom’s tragic death. Tom was usually ‘extremely fit’ and healthy, with an active job as a carpenter, but the court heard that from May 18, 2023, Tom had been suffering from a stomach flu.

Tom, from Stretford, had been experiencing symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal pain and had tried to seek help through his local GP. The advice was to take Dioralyte, but the problems persisted for days.

On May 27, Tom woke up feeling ‘extremely unwell’, the court heard. Tom was taken to A&E by his brother and arrived at Wythenshawe Hospital at around 8am.