The high temperatures of the first summer heat wave are roasting residents of the San Francisco Bay Area


The The warm weather came with a vengeance on Tuesdaycooking at temperatures approaching 100 degrees in the inland San Francisco Bay Area.

Livermore was one of three cities expected to experience the highest temperatures of the Bay Area’s first heat wave of the year, according to the National Weather Service.

Livermore and Cloverdale could see a high of 97 degrees on Wednesday. Concord could see the same high temperature on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

“This is the first heat wave we’ve seen and it’s changing our circumstances,” said Heather Marques, division chief of medical services for the Alameda County Fire Department. “When people go outside, make sure you take the simple precautions: protect your skin, hydrate your body and make sure children, pets and the elderly are taken care of.”

While most people were trying to stay cool and safe, one Livermore man is obsessed with soaking up the sun. 70-year-old Michael Saliba sunbathed for hours at Shadow Cliffs Lake, while most people did their best to stay in the shade.

“I never wear sunglasses and I never use sunscreen,” Saliba said. “If I can, I’ll be here all three days (of the heat wave). It just depends on the workload, and then cool off in the water.”

The avid sun worshiper admitted he had suffered sunburn before.

‘I got burned once. In south Florida, in the Keys,” he recalled. “Man who hurt. Man that really hurt.”

Needless to say, Saliba’s behavior was not the approach recommended by health officials, although he noted that he hydrates regularly and takes an ice chest full of water, iced tea, and fruit to his sunbath.

“Do what’s right for your body. Not everyone has the pigmentation that I have. I’m blessed with that,” he said. “Other people should use sunscreen and stay out of the sun. Just be smart.”

Other Livemore residents took more precautions on the first day of this week’s heat wave.

“I plan my days around it,” explained Rodger Griesemer, a Livermore resident who was out for a walk early Tuesday afternoon. “Even if it’s 60 degrees outside, I have to protect myself from the sun.”

Andy Brown, who has been a fitness instructor for 18 years, said he takes high temperatures into account when planning workouts for his clients.

“Sometimes I have to push clients (to) different times, make adjustments for different exercises. Just because I don’t want heat exhaustion, things like that,” Brown said. “Hydration is key. Obviously it’s very warm. Shady areas are ideal so they’re comfortable at the same time (and) I would moderate.”

“Just slower,” Marques said. ‘In the heat of the day, take it easy, calm down, go inside and rest. Don’t overexert yourself.’

Local aid workers said a smart approach is to stay indoors as much as possible during the heat wave. Cooling centers are opening in Livermore and throughout the region. Most are open every evening until 9 p.m. until Thursday, after which the heat advisory expires.