Unwashed hands, unchanged gloves deserve fast food F


The Georgia Department of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health, conducts regular restaurant inspections to protect residents and visitors.

The following is a list of restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties inspected between May 17 and May 23, along with their scores and, in some cases, the health violations that lowered those scores.

Disclaimer: On any given day, a facility may have fewer or more violations than were found during the most recent inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall long-term conditions at the facility. Some more recent follow-up inspections cannot be mentioned here.

Perfect score

Here are restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that passed recent food inspections with a score of 100 between May 24 and May 30, without a single health violation.

4 Brothers Jerk, 6440 Cobbham Rd., Appling

Armando’s Grill & Pizzeria, 5114 Wrightsboro Rd., Ste. D, Grovetown

Beulah Grove Baptist Church, 1434 Poplar St.

Columbia County Senior Center, 5913 Euchee Creek Dr., Grovetown

Courtyard by Marriott, 1045 Stevens Creek Rd.

Eat-M-Up II, 4002 Deans Bridge Rd., Hephzibah

Harlem Senior Center, 405 Church St., Ste. B, Haarlem

Hyatt Place Augusta, 160 Mason McKnight Jr. Pkwy.

It’s Spuds, 214 Weathers Ter.

Monte Olivos, 179 N. Louisville Rd., Harlem

Augusta Olive Garden, 804 Cabela Dr.

PG’s Grill Base, 6440 Cobbham Rd., Appling

Pilot Wendy’s 144, 2975 Gun Club Rd.

Pizza Hut 2031, 2804 Wrightsboro Rd.

Soultry Sounds Café and Lounge, 1035 Ellis St.

Starbucks Coffee, 814 Cabela Dr., Unit 106

Taqueria Mi Rinconcito, 5114 Wrightsboro Rd., Ste. a

The Port of Harlem 285 Fairview Dr., Harlem

So close

Here are restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that passed recent food inspections between May 24 and May 30 with a score of 99, with only one health violation found. The inspectors’ comments are included:

New Moon Café, 936 Broad St.

Inspector’s comment: “Observed dishes stacked wet. Allow dishes to air dry thoroughly before stacking.”

“Observed mop stored in bucket, not in use. Store mop where it can air dry properly when not in use.”

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Getting warmer

Here are restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that passed with an “A” score on recent food service inspections between May 24 and May 30, followed by their scores:

The Acorn Restaurant @ Red Oak Manor, 410 N. Louisville St., Harlem: 98

Taqueria Mi Casita, 3935 Washington Rd., Martinez: 97

Wife Saver, 1100 Furys Ferry Rd., Evans: 96

Smoothie King, 814 Cabela Dr., Ste. 104:96

Great Chow Buffet & Grill, 3435 Wrightsboro Rd., Ste. 1128:96

Farm Haus Burgers, 1204 Broad St.: 95

Texas Roadhouse, Sherwood Dr. 107:95

Cucina 503, 502 Fury’s Ferry Rd., Martinez: 93

Subway 32319, 3736 Mike Padgett Hwy.: 91

Habaneros Mexican Grill, 200 E, Milledgeville Rd., Harlem: 90

Andrew’s Restaurant, 2651 Perimeter Pkwy.: 90

Not quite ready yet

Here are restaurants in Richmond and Columbia counties that posted the lowest recent food inspections between May 24 and May 30, followed by their scores and, where available, the inspectors’ comments. Scores of 70 and below are considered failed:

Tailwind AGS, 1501 Aviation Way: 88

Inspector comment: “Observed employee using hand washing sink to fill bucket. Hand wash sinks are intended for hand washing only.”

“Observed items in the kitchen that were kept past the discard date. Throw away food after the discard date has passed.”

“Observed Windex being kept next to food containers. Cleaning products/chemicals must be stored in a designated area.”

Jim ‘N Nick’s Community BBQ, 275 Robert C. Daniel Jr. Pkwy.: 88

Inspector’s comment: “I did not observe any paper towels at the hand sinks in the main kitchen. Please ensure all handwash sinks are fully stocked at all times.”

“I have seen several employees wearing bracelets/watches while preparing food. Ensure that jewelry is not worn on wrists/arms during active food preparation.

“Observed scoop improperly stored in catfish batter. Ensure all scoops are stored properly and used away from food.”

“Observed clean dishes stacked wet. Allow dishes to air dry thoroughly before stacking.”

“Observed mops in mop buckets. Store mops hanging to air dry.

“Several flies and mosquitoes observed in the kitchen and bar. Determine an approved method to deter and remove pests.”

Ephesus Med-Greek and Turkish Restaurant, 3102 Washington Rd.: 84

Inspector’s comment: “Observed ice machine with brown deposits in the corners. Clean the ice machine if necessary.”

“Observed food stored in accessible cooler without labeling. Date mark “5/16/24” observed on meat stored in RIC. Label all stored food. Throw away items that have passed their expiration date. Label the items appropriately.”

“Observed that the mop was stored incorrectly in the mop bucket. Store the mop to dry properly in the mop sink.”

Observed scoops stored in a container with rice. Store scoops away from the food product itself.”

“Observed insect trap behind refrigerator, full. If necessary, remove entire insect traps.”

Miyabi Kyoto Japanese Steak House, 1315 Augusta West Pkwy.: 83

Inspector’s comment: “Observed buildup in the bulk ice machine. Clean the ice cream maker as soon as possible. Increase cleaning frequency.”

“I have observed several food items outside the original containers without labels. Ensure all food items are properly labelled.”

“Observed scoops improperly stored in sushi rice and flour. Ensure all scoops are properly stored outside the container and not incorporated into food.”

“Observed clean dishes stacked wet. Allow dishes to air dry thoroughly before stacking.”

“I did not observe any test strips for using sanitizer. Provide the correct test strips for the disinfectant used.”

“Stagnant water observed in the kitchen and bar. Clear standing water and check for leaks.”

“Observed flies through the kitchen. Keep doors closed and establish an approved method to deter and remove flies.”

Formosa II, 3830 Washington Rd., Ste A, Martinez: 81

Inspector’s comment: “Do not block the kitchen sink. Move the glass cooler.’

“Paper towels needed in employee bathroom.”

“Observed prep cooler at 48-55 degrees. most vegetables. Meat moved to another cooler or on ice.”

“Date all food. Several food containers in walk-in cooler, undated.”

“No plates to hand out food.”

“Do not reuse Styrofoam containers online. Change the cardboard daily.”

“There have to be dividers in the sink, so it’s a three-compartment sink.”

“Grease on the side of the wok ice cream machine, all worktops and shelves, gaskets, glass cooler and doors clean all equipment.”

Bojangles Famous Chicken & Biscuits, 1457 Walton Way: 62

Inspector’s comment: “Employees observed removing and putting on new gloves without washing their hands. Employees must be properly trained in the use of gloves.”

“No updated agreements on employee health were observed. Employee health reporting agreements must remain in place for each employee.”

“Observed pink buildup in the bulk ice machine. Clean the ice machine and continue cleaning as necessary.”

“I have seen various objects being kept at the right temperature in an ice bath. Ensure that all time/temperature controls for safety foods that are kept cold are maintained at or below 41 degrees F.

“Observed food stored outside of original packaging and without label. All food stored outside of its original packaging must be labelled.”

“Observed product stored on floor in walk-in freezer. All products should be stored 6 inches from the floor.”

“Observed, most recent inspection not posted. Your most recent inspection should always be posted to the public.”

“I did not observe any hand washing signs at the kitchen sinks. Hang signs for hand washing.”

“Observed scoops stored in product. Store scoops properly (outside the container or without touching the product).”

“I have seen several employees leave the workplace and return without changing gloves. Retrain employees in the proper use of gloves.”