Kevin Costner admits to past cocaine use


Kevin Costner has honestly admitted that he has tried cocaine in the past and has hinted that it is best avoided.

The 69-year-old star has had a long career after debuting on screens in 1981, but has hinted that his success could have been derailed had he developed a taste for the Class A drug.

Kevin explained on the Armchair Expert podcast that he was introduced to the drug in his pre-fame days when he worked as a stage manager at Raleigh Studios.

He told host Dax Shepard: “The electricians came along like rock stars. They were prepping it, strong, like, you know, the whole thing. They were there for three weeks just stringing wires and then sets were made built.

“Every time they needed something, I grabbed it for them. At one point they took me back to the control room and said, ‘Here,’ and they put out a little line of Coke. And they say, ‘Thanks. ‘ for all the s**t you do for us.”

The Oscar-winning star admitted he tried the drug three times and said he finally convinced the electricians to give him cash in lieu of lines as a tip.

He recalled, “I said, ‘Hey, look, how much is that?’ And he said, ‘That’s about $20,’ and I said, ‘Can I say something to you?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, f**k, sure, man, what?’

“And I said, ‘Look, I’m trying to buy my first house,’ and I said, ‘If you think what I’m doing is cool, I could use $20. I could take $20.” And I was immediately out of the club.”

Kevin went on to say that this left him “excluded” from the group, but added: “It was lucky for me that I didn’t like Coke. There was nothing for me.”