Will the Utah Jazz unveil their newest uniforms? Social media says yes


The Utah Jazz unveiled new “Mountain Basketball” uniforms that the team will wear in the NBA for the next two seasons, along with three new colors.

The team also unveiled a new brand philosophy, according to a statement issued Wednesday.

The brand identity, called “Mountain Basketball,” connects Utah’s passion for the sport, its growing community and its mountain environment. .

The new uniforms were publicly unveiled Wednesday in a video posted to the Jazz’s social media pages after riling up fans with a teaser video the night before.

On Tuesday evening, the team posted a short video showing a person shooting baskets at dusk, with a purple sky in the background.

The next day, the Jazz posted a video highlighting some of Utah’s basketball statistics, including the most courts per capita in the country, the largest youth program in the NBA, and a significant portion of the population living along the state’s many mountains lived.

These statistics are narrated throughout the video by some youngsters from the state.

“Here, where the air grows thinner and the Wasatch bear snow caps, there has always been one game that captures our hearts and embodies our values,” says one.

“Sharing. Connecting. Sacrificing. Working together to rise. That’s why we build so many courts – the most in the country,” says another.

“Running a youth program with 70,000, the largest in the league. That’s why so many of us who play as kids never stop,” added a fourth.

“This is the game we live and breathe,” they say. “This is where high expectations meet great heights. This is Mountain Basketball, and we wear it with pride.”

The children are all a sporty version of the new uniforms.

“Our branding will always be an iterative process as we, our fan base and the game of basketball continue to grow,” Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith said in a statement. “It is clear that Mountain Basketball and Purple are the soul of Utah and the Jazz, and we are excited to share with our community what they are looking forward to.”

The team’s new colors are Mountain Purple, Midnight Black and Sky Blue. The uniforms feature bold “UTAH” lettering and mountain graphics, but still feature the iconic Jazz Note logo.

For the 2024-2025 season, the Jazz will wear four uniforms: two new designs and two existing jerseys. Next season will see a full transition to the Mountain Basketball aesthetic, with a new white Association Edition and purple Icon Edition uniform.