Team SC showcases local lacrosse talent at the national level


A group of South Carolina’s top girls lacrosse players recently made a trip to Raleigh, NC for a national competition where they tested their skills against teams from other regions of the country.

The girls impressed by winning many competitions, including a championship, while also improving their skills and building bonds with people they would normally compete against.

“It’s just a great experience to be able to represent your state,” said Team SC 1 and River Bluff high school coach Shannon Aiken. “You meet girls you wouldn’t normally meet. We had girls from Fort Mill, Greenville, Columbia, all the way to Myrtle Beach, and these girls got to come together and play with each other instead of against each other, and that’s a great experience.

Team SC consists of two teams. Each club has approximately 22 players who came together and practiced only twice before going to the competition.

It was Aikens’ first year as a member of team SC’s coaching staff. With the help of her co-coach Jennie Overstreet, they got team one into contention with a quick turnaround.

“We as a technical staff were able to work together and learn from each other in such a short time,” said Aikens.

In Raleigh, Team SC 1 was a force to be reckoned with. The team went 4-0, winning them all by double figures. Team SC 2, although not as successful on the field, showed improvement from the first to the last game.

“We really focused on building some chemistry both on and off the field,” Aikens said. “I think it translated really well on the field.”

Aikens said each player had time to shine during the four games. A few athletes from Lexington County were on team one, including Lexington’s Lily Sundell, Emersin Clamp, Isabella Adler, Izzy Saville and Hailey Jasuta and Chapin’s Brooke Holmes.

Team SC 1 defeated a team from New York 16-5 in game one, a team from DC 12-2 in game two and a team from Utah 20-4 in game three to earn a spot in the division championship .

The girls played in the championship game against a team from Houston and recorded another 13-2 victory. Afterwards, the group came together and basked in the success that came from their hard work.

“We got to go get our national tournament medals together and take those pictures and just talk about a great weekend and how much fun the girls had,” Aikens said. “After that win, they knew their hard work was worth it, and they could just be a little silly, have a little fun and celebrate that win.”

With their victories against teams from across the country, the group showed that South Carolina’s talent pool is just as skilled as those in other states. They defeated teams from the North, West and Southwest en route to their championship.

“In division play, South Carolina was the second-highest scoring team in the entire tournament across all divisions,” Aikens said. “That was really a statement for me.”

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