Ampelmann signs ‘major contract’ with Seaway7 for the American offshore wind project


Ampelmann's E5000 gangway (Credit: Ampelmann)

Ampelmann’s E5000 gangway (Credit: Ampelmann)

Dutch offshore access provider Ampelmann has signed a major contract with Seaway7 for the supply of an E5000 gangway to support the construction of a major offshore wind project on the US coast.

With Ampelmann’s recent assignments in South Fork and Vineyard Wind nearing completion, the project marks the continuation of the company’s involvement in the emerging U.S. offshore wind market.

This not only marks the first collaboration of Seaway7 and Ampelmann in America, but will also mark the E5000’s first tour outside Europe.

Although based in Europe, Ampelmann has established two new offices on the East Coast of the United States, in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island.

The E5000 is the largest motion compensated system in the world. With a lifting capacity of 4,600 kg, it is said to be the only gangway in its class that enables both safe and efficient personnel transfers and cargo operations in varying sea conditions.

Based on the proven technology of the E1000, it can switch between crane and gangway mode in less than a minute. Due to its high payload capacity, the E5000 is equipped to lift heavier generators, including fuel and cables, required for larger turbines.

“Over the past year, the company has invested in hiring and training local operators and other operational support staff. We are extremely honored to support this important US wind farm project together with a global leader in offshore wind energy, such as Seaway7.

“We are excited to have this system operational for the first time in the US and are extremely grateful to be working with Seaway7 on this project,” said Joseph Gabriel, Ampelmann’s Business Developer for US Wind.