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The edge of a town in Concord.
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When PlayStation announced it would embrace the live service model for future first-party titles, Agreement was one of the first games we saw. PlayStation previously had a strong multiplayer presence, but around the time of the PS4 generation, the focus shifted almost entirely to big-budget single-player experiences. Some fans are a little hesitant about the quality of these upcoming games Agreement will be the first at-bat, so there’s a lot to prove. Now that we’ve seen the game in action and have a better idea of ​​what it will be like, let’s jump into the colorful world of Agreement to see what all the fuss is about.

Date of publication

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As revealed during PlayStation’s May 2024 State of Play, Agreement coming this fall on August 23, 2024. There will also be a beta test sometime in July before the full release, but no specific date has been given.


Agreement comes from a Sony first-party studio, so it will be exclusive to a PS5 console. In line with Sony’s new PC strategy Agreement will also release on PC at the same time as the PS5. Please note that PC players must have a PSN account to play Agreement.


Concord – Teaser Trailer | PS5 and PC games

Our first teaser for Agreement came in May 2023, was CGI only and didn’t even show a single character. All we see is a ship flying through space with rainbows streaming by and a few shots of the interior.

Concord – Reveal Cinematic Trailer | PS5 games

The cinematic trailer almost makes it look more like a single-player FPS than a multiplayer game. There’s an extended CGI scene where the cast is chatting in a restaurant before things get heated with a rival group. After a big chase and firefight, we rejoin the crew on their ship and talk about their next mission.

The plot, as much as there is, is all about a group of Freegunners. These are Agreement‘s version of mercenaries competing against other crews to complete jobs for money. We don’t know how extensive the lore will be at launch, but Firewalk has confirmed that new cinematics will be added over time in addition to gameplay additions.


Concord – Gameplay Trailer | PS5 games

We get a little more to chew on in the State of Play gameplay trailer. It highlights a host of playable characters from the game (with Lennox being the clear standout and coolest of the bunch) with a few snippets of their gameplay.

Agreement will be a 5v5 multiplayer shooter in the hero shooter genre. Each team chooses from an initial selection of 16 characters to compete on different maps. Each Freegunner has their own unique primary weapon, such as a revolver, crossbow and sniper, as well as a set of skills. They all serve a different role in battle and provide more utility than simply taking out opponents.

We don’t know what specific game types to expect at this point, but expect a focus on objective-based modes and perhaps a standard team deathmatch as well.

Advance order

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You can pre-order now Agreement, only on the PS5 for now. As is the case with most games today, there are multiple editions to choose from.

Standard Edition – $40

  • Agreement
  • Beta access in July
  • Monarch package

Digital Deluxe Edition – $60

  • Everything in the standard edition
  • 16 character skins
  • 72 hours early access

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