2024 – Art comes to the Botanical Garden


This summer, the Montreal Botanical Garden will once again delight music lovers with the Arts Invitation to the Garden event.

The line-up for this series of open-air concerts, which was unveiled on Thursday, includes established artists, such as Matt Holubowski and the duo formed by Luc De Larochellière and Andrea Lindsay, as well as emerging faces, including Guillaume Bordel and Soleil Launière, both of whom have performed in recent years participated in the Francouvertes.

Presented in a space surrounded by greenery on Sundays at 2 p.m., from July 7 to August 25, these shows allow the audience to discover local talents with varied musical styles: from the R&B of Täbï Yösha to the instrumental music of Simon Leoza in passing through the land of Cindy Bédard or the people of Helena Deland.

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