Rebranding of the local pizzeria, adding Go-go dance platforms with live dancers


Ivan Kane has revamped his Easton eatery.

Known for staging extravagant burlesque shows, Kane is now bringing a little bit of his famous nightlife to his Easton eatery.

After rebranding from burgers and extreme shakes to Ivan Kane’s New York Pizzeria & Bar in early 2023, his restaurant has received another adjustment.


Kane’s Easton space, located at 3959 Brighton Rose Sq., spans two floors, with its pizzeria and bar on the lower floor and a burlesque club upstairs. The downstairs — which will continue to serve pizza and operate as a bar — has been redesigned to create “more of a bar atmosphere,” largely through the addition of Go-Go dance platforms, poles and theatrical lighting.

The downstairs portion of Ivan Kane’s space will be renamed Ivan Kane’s 40 Deuce Pizza a Go-Go. The space operated under the new name for the first time on June 5. Live dancers perform every Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

“We wanted to bring some dancers from upstairs to the speakeasy downstairs,” Kane said. “We are very excited about creating a fun, festive bar concept.”

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