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Runnme, the innovative social network revolutionizing ride-sharing delivery costs, has made a significant impact at GITEX AFRICA (, the continent’s leading technology event.

Led by CEO Adrián Márquez Valía, Runnme’s presence at the prestigious event underlined its commitment to driving software services that empower both transportation providers and consumers. The company’s unique platform, which enables fair compensation for drivers and reduces waiting times for groceries, generated a lot of interest among attendees.

Runnme’s innovative approach addresses a key challenge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape: how to balance the needs of local businesses with the demand for flexible earning opportunities. By creating a platform where individuals can share car rides for deliveries, Runnme fosters a collaborative ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to showcase Runnme’s vision and services at GITEX AFRICA,” said CEO Adrián Márquez Valía. “Our success at the event reinforces our commitment to driving positive change in the digital evolution of delivery services.”

Runnme’s participation in GITEX AFRICA has already yielded promising results, including establishing strategic partnerships and introducing its technology to various African communities. The company’s efforts to improve the quality of life of local residents and create new business opportunities demonstrate the power of innovation and collaboration in tackling global challenges.

Runnme’s story is a testament to the impact small businesses can have when driven by passion and determination. Through its groundbreaking platform, Runnme is redefining the future of delivery services and empowering communities across Africa.

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About Runnme:
Runnme is a groundbreaking social network that connects drivers and people in need of deliveries. The platform enables cost sharing for car journeys, ensures fair compensation for drivers and shortens waiting times for groceries. Runnme is committed to fostering a collaborative ecosystem that benefits both local businesses and individuals.

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