London pubs that TfL has closed will allow bus drivers to use their toilets


Transport for London (TfL) has said it has agreements with a number of pubs in the city, whose toilets can be used by bus drivers. Officials say they tend to discourage staff from entering places with alcohol permits in their work uniforms.

However, there are some routes where this rule is not strictly enforced. The pubs included in the agreement are located near Oxford Circus, and in Greenford and Bexleyheath.

There is also a pub where bus drivers can sometimes use the toilets.

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The Finery in central London is one of the pubs(Image: Google)

A TfL Freedom of Information official said: ‘The policy for drivers is generally not to enter licensed premises in uniform, but in some cases we have stands and routes that rely on drivers using pubs and bar toilets use, so there are exceptions. ‘The Blue Book’ for the well-being of drivers. There are three locations where we have formal agreements in place for drivers to use the toilets in licensed premises.”

Pubs included by arrangement

  1. Brewers Fayre, Bexleyheath – Routes B13 and B14
  2. Raging Bull Snooker Club, Greenford – Routes E1, E2, E3 and E11
  3. The Finery PH, Great Castle Street – Routes 7, 159, N7 and N137

The officer added: “There is also one location where drivers could occasionally use their facilities. This is the new Beefeater restaurant on Beresford Street, Woolwich. This is directly opposite the Beresford Street / Macbean Street stand for Routes 51, 99., 301 and 386.”

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