Prasad had next planned a trip to Tamil Nadu


Finance Minister Krishna Byre Gowda pays tribute to the remains of the trekkers who died in Bengaluru's Uttarkashi on Friday

Finance Minister Krishna Byre Gowda pays tribute to the remains of the trekkers who died in Bengaluru’s Uttarkashi on Friday Photo | PTI

BENGALURU: Soon after returning from the Sahastra Tal Mayali trek in Uttarakashi, he was planning a trip to Tamil Nadu. We used to track each other’s progress via a fitness app, says a colleague of Venkatesh Prasad (53), who succumbed to bad weather on June 3 during the return journey to base camp.

Prasad was Director of Delivery Assurance at Impelsys and had previously worked with Wipro. He was a member of the Karnataka Mountaineering Association.

The bodies of Prasad and eight others were brought to Bengaluru on several commercial flights from Delhi on Friday morning. Finance Minister Krishna Byre Gowda and officials of the Karnataka Disaster Management Department handed over the bodies to their families.

“Soon after news of his death broke, there was gloom in the office. We didn’t know how to tell the family. He is survived by his son, daughter, wife and mother. His son is in grade 10 and it worries us all. We have decided to support the family in every possible way,” said his friend.

Another colleague, with teary eyes, could not stop rereading the WhatsApp conversations he last had with Prasad from Sahastra Tal. It read: “Looks like you’re enjoying your break. Assam and the Northeast is one place on my to-do list.”

Prasad’s colleague Praveen recalled the last health app update: a 3.38km walk in Sahastra Tal on Day 2, at an altitude of 492 metres. “While my goal was 60km of cycling per month, his goal was 100km of walking per month,” he said. “He was an experienced trekker and had inspired most of us to take up outdoor activities. We all used to look forward to weekends and breaks, especially when it was with Prasad.