Andy Lee’s Dimmies & Tinnies will be released at the MCG in June 2024


After making a splash at the London Tavern, Andy Lee and friends are back with their second pop-up, with 10,000 dimmies ready to go.

Radio and TV star Andy Lee loves a good twilight simulation, especially when paired with an ice-cold can of something fizzy. In March he launched his own range of dimmies from a food truck in the car park of Richmond’s London Tavern Hotel.

Now there will be a second pop-up, near the MCG. The team will dish out two types of classic ‘torpedo-style’ dimmies ($3 each) at Essendon versus Carlton on Sunday evening and Collingwood versus Melbourne on Monday afternoon: spicy pork with spring onions and cabbage, and chicken and sweetcorn with kombu. They are best when swimming in soy sauce or a signature homemade hot sauce.

The project is a tasty collaboration between Lee and friends: chef Paul Donnelly and restaurateur Eddy Buckingham (the Australian-born duo behind New York restaurants Chinese Tuxedo and The Tyger) and potter Sam Gordon. The team sampled hundreds of versions of the iconic dumpling-like Aussie snack over a four-year development process before landing on their own version, created by Donnelly.

For this pop-up they have prepared no less than 10,000 dimmies, plus 2000 Gembrook potato cakes.