Premji’s wedding buzz: Venkat Prabhu addresses fiancé rumors – Tamil News


Actor and musician Premji is getting married tomorrow, but allegations are swirling about his fiancée’s job. Venkat Prabhu recently clarified that Premji’s fiancée does not work in the media. However, more details about her real field of work have emerged online.

A photo of Premji and Indu’s wedding invitation became popular online a few days ago, triggering a flurry of news stories. Some news sources suspected that Indu, who is getting married to Premji, was working in the media.

“The bride does not work in media,” Venkat Prabhu shot back at these claims. This is a simple family wedding, and the wedding photo will be released on the day of the reception. As we congratulate the Premji-Indu couple from home, join us.

It turns out that Indu works for a bank in Salem and is originally from that city. Although their meeting story is still unknown, it is common knowledge that the couple has been secretly in love for a few years. It is said that Indu made the original proposal to Premji.

The couple reached an agreement and told their family that they loved each other, which initiated the marriage. Photos are shown at reception; the wedding is planned as a private family event.