Ben Affleck not trying to impress Jennifer Lopez during their first meeting was the wisest decision he could have made


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first met on the set of their movie Gigli in 2002 and fell madly in love with each other. They continued the relationship until 2004, when they broke off their engagement and eventually announced their divorce.

When Affleck met The mother actress, she was still married to dancer Cris Judd. Although there were rumors of an overlap in the two relationships, Lopez clarified that she only started dating Affleck after her divorce from Judd.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in a still from Gigli |  Columbia Photos
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in a still from Gigli | Columbia Photos

Since Lopez got married, Affleck revealed that he made no effort to impress her when he first met her. However, it was a wise decision by the Batman vs. Superman actor because they formed a very good friendship in which he showed his real side to her. It later grew into a much-discussed romance.

Ben Affleck wasn’t trying to impress Jennifer Lopez when they first met

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in a still from Gigli |  Columbia Photos
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in a still from Gigli | Columbia Photos

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are currently facing rampant divorce rumors. Lopez was previously married three times and it was during her marriage to Cris Judd that she met Affleck for the first time. People often speculated that she was having an affair with the Good Will Hunting actor during her wedding, but she denied the rumors.

Lopez shared with Access Hollywood in 2003 that when she and Affleck started working together, they were just really good friends who got along great. She said they would talk for hours about everything. She told the outlet that they often overshared because they were sure they would never become an item. She told Access Hollywood (via NBC News):

I think people will inevitably wonder. The truth is, when we started working together, we got along great. I mean, we really became friends, really good friends. We talked a lot and that’s the point. There was no idea that we would be together in the future, so it was one of those things where you kind of say too much.

Ben Affleck added that he didn’t try to impress her at all because he thought it was impossible to date her. Affleck said he also admitted to things he normally wouldn’t do with a romantic partner. The accountant actor shared:

Because you know when you’re not trying to impress someone, because you don’t think you’re going out with them, it’s like, oh this doesn’t matter, I don’t need to impress her. You will admit things a little.

Lopez said she talked to him about her past relationships and he told her all about his ex-girlfriends. Since they talked so openly, they both agreed that they could know the real person.

However, neither of them could pinpoint the exact time they fell in love. According to Access Hollywood, Lopez and Judd split in mid-2002 and she and Affleck were engaged just three months later.

Rumors suggest that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are headed for divorce

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in a still from Jersey Girl |  View Askew Productions
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in a still from Jersey girl | View Askew Productions

On May 15, an insider source shared with InTouch Weekly that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were living apart and were headed for divorce. They were rarely seen together in public, and Affleck was notably absent from the Met Gala, where she was co-chair. The source said things didn’t work out between them as they had hoped after their first breakup.

Affleck appeared sad during most of their public appearances over the past two years since their wedding, with reports suggesting Lopez enjoyed the spotlight while Affleck did not. However, they were recently seen together at Affleck’s daughter Seraphina’s school play.

Another source revealed to InTouch that they were in therapy. This source said Lopez convinced Affleck to attend the sessions in an attempt to save their second chance at love. However, the source shared that Affleck is doing it with a heavy heart.