Salt Lake Bypass: Sec V lane on Salt Lake Bypass will be closed from Sunday during a seven-day trial run | Kolkata News


Kolkata: IT workers heading to Sector V and New Town may encounter a bottleneck at Nicco Park on Monday morning as Bidhannagar police will close one lane of the IT hub-bound flank of the Salt Lake Bypass from Sunday in a trial run of seven to dawn. The route will be closed to connect a metro station with the viaduct. But the closure would not be announced until after the trial, an official said. According to traffic police, of the two lanes under the under-construction Nicco Park station on the flank towards Sector V and New Town, the right lane next to the median will be closed from Sunday, leaving only the left lane and the service road. far left free. Railway Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL), which is implementing the 29-km New Garia-Airport metro corridor, has been scouting for the site for the past year. The traffic block is needed to pour concrete slabs and build the viaduct (on which the subway tracks will be laid) to connect the Nicco Park subway station. There are viaduct openings of 30 and 40 meters on either side of the station. “This is crucial for the commissioning of Phase III of the Metro Corridor to Sector V,” a railway official said. During the last meeting with Bidhannagar police, RVNL was promised the location after the elections. “There will be some issues once the diversion is in place, but we have created a road space equivalent to the area that will be cordoned off. The trial will continue for seven days before the closure is announced for RVNL to connect the flyovers before and after the station at Nicco Park,” an official said. The New Gaira-Airport line passes through the stretch before meeting East-West Metro’s Sector V station and then continues via New Town to VIP Road before terminating at the airport.

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