Police find gamblers, drugs and weapons during raid on Hilversum restaurant


Police among the restaurant guests

NOS News

Police found drugs, weapons and cash during a raid on a restaurant in Hilversum. More than ten people were caught gambling illegally. One employee of the restaurant has been arrested.

In recent months, the police have received many (anonymous) reports about the Italian restaurant on an arterial road in Hilversum. It would almost never be open. There was activity to be seen at “strange hours”, the police told regional broadcaster NH.

Police decided to investigate the matter and received “strong indications” that the restaurant was suspected of being involved in narcotics. There would also be illegal gambling.

All guests searched

For that reason, a group of masked and armed police entered the restaurant. Images show that all approximately forty guests were searched by officers. The cars parked at the restaurant were also searched.

The police found narcotics on an employee, a 37-year-old man from Huizen. He is arrested for trafficking in hard drugs.

Knife in pepper spray

The police found a knife on another employee; he got an endorsement. Police also seized a can of pepper spray that was in a vehicle belonging to one of the customers.

The police arrest team caught more than ten people illegally gambling. They have been interrogated. The Public Prosecution Service must confirm whether they will be prosecuted. Police also seized nearly €8,000 in cash from several customers as the money was possibly discovered through illegal gambling.