After getting stuck in a tree, the bear falls into Pennsylvania’s rescue net


HARRISBURG, Pa. — This week, a group of wildlife, public safety and rescue officials watched anxiously as a young black bear, who had been tranquilized, dove from a tree and landed safely in a giant tarp.

Authorities were quickly alerted when the bear was spotted in a residential area of ​​Camp Hill, a Pennsylvania suburb just outside the capital, Harrisburg.

A stretch of road was closed and students and staff at a nearby high school were warned to stay indoors, reported.

Fire and rescue officials used a ladder truck to reach and calm the bear. The animal then fell about twenty feet into a large blue tarp held up by several conservationists, police and firefighters. The animal was then anesthetized again and transferred to a bear trap placed on a trailer.

The bear was not yet fully grown and game officials said they would likely transport it to a land in central Pennsylvania.