Why tennis expert is unsure about Alcaraz’s condition and chances for the French Open title: Tennis Tonic


Carlos Alcaraz has made a remarkable appearance in the Roland Garros final for the first time. Despite recently suffering an injury, the Spaniard has shown real grit and managed to beat his opponent against all odds. With only one step separating him from his third Grand Slam title, Alcaraz is on the verge of an important achievement.

However, former Australian pro Paul McNamee has cast doubt on Alcaraz’s chances of securing the title. McNamee, a former ATP player, recently expressed his concerns about Alcaraz’s current form and ongoing problems. He suggested that although Alcaraz won his recent match, his performance levels were not comparable to those of the previous year. “Look, Alcaraz won the match, but it was not a particularly high level…. Nothing beats the level he showed at all RGs last year, until he cramped against Djokovic. Something’s wrong, maybe the arm? He has two days to figure out his forehand, which was the right-handed King forehand,” McNamee tweeted.

McNamee pointed to Alcaraz’s forearm as a potential problem, describing it as the “king forehand of righties.” He suggested Alcaraz has just two days to address and resolve any issues with his forehand to ensure he is in top form for the final.

Despite these concerns, Alcaraz remains focused and determined. After his victory over Jannik Sinner, who was recently crowned world number one, Alcaraz took a moment to acknowledge his opponent. The Spaniard will now try to make the most of the remaining days to fully recover and prepare for his chance at a third Grand Slam title.

Alcaraz’s journey to the final was impressive, but whether he can overcome his current form issues and claim the French Open title remains to be seen. His determination and ability to rise to the occasion will be crucial when he takes the field for the final match.

Alcaraz at the French Open, ranking and results in 2024

Currently ranked no.At No. 3, the Spaniard has managed a composite match record of 24-5 in 2024. The Spaniard will now compete in the French Open, where he managed world No. 107 Jeff Wolf 6-1 6- 2 6-1 to beat the world number 176 Jesper De Jong 6-3 6-4 2-6 6-2, the world number 28 Sebastian Korda 6-4 7-65 6-3, world number 21 Felix Auger-Aliassime 6-3 6-3 6-1, world number 9 Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-3 7-63 6-4 and world number 2 Jannik Sinner 2-6 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3.

Carlos Alcaraz will face world number 4 Alexander Zverev on Court PHILIPPE-CHATRIER on Sunday at 2:30 PM. Their actual record is 7-4 for Zverev.

The Spaniard won one title in Indian Wells in 2024.

Alcaraz won 14 titles in his career: 4 on hard courts, 7 on clay courts, 1 on indoor courts and 2 on grass courts. (See the list of his titles)

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Alcaraz’s record