João Bosco: “You have to let yourself be controlled and controlled so that problems can arise”


At the age of 77 and active for 50 years, singer, composer and guitarist João Bosco says he is “a musician with perception”, but he by no means thought he would achieve success. “I’m the one who surprises myself after everything happens.”

“As the author João Ubaldo Ribeiro said in one of his books: ‘The will can.’ And when will and religion come together, problems blossom,” he said.

Born in Ponte Nova, Minas Gerais, Bosco started playing guitar at the age of 12, influenced by his family, filled with musicians. But he did not explore the idea of ​​music and harmony; his method relies solely on expertise.

“I recorded visually and audibly what people did and I tried to copy it,” he advised Nilton Bonder in this episode of The business of life.

In 1962 he moved to Ouro Preto to assess the technique, and the city opened up completely different views. There he met Vinícius de Moraes, considered one of his first companions, whom Bosco considers a musical mentor. Together they composed “the spirit rose“,”Samba do Pouso” And “A diver” between 1966 and 1967.

A few years later he met singer Aldir Blanc, with whom he created a series of wonderful partnerships, similar to “A bullet with a bullet“,”Agnus Sei“,”Angra” And “The Drunkard and the Drifter” – which, with the voice of Elis Regina, evolved over the course of the dictatorship into a casual anthem of political amnesty.

In addition to his work, the artist talks in an interview about his artistic journey and talks about his new work. “Every album is the fruit of problems that come from your artistic pores, that exist in response to what you see, hear, really feel, see. You have to allow yourself to be caught and taken away before any trouble can arise.

He released an album in May Mouth full of fruit – the first of its kind in seven years. Bosco says this album is a place right now.

“People don’t understand that we remain in a world with pure legal guidelines that must be respected in an effort to distance ourselves from what we received from our ancestors. The album is a name to create movement on how we will use these lessons to build a whole new future.

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