Is George Coulam a Mormon?


The third episode of HBO’s documentary series ‘Ren Faire’ delves into the faith and upbringing of George Coulam. He discussed how his family never supported him or worried about his rise as ‘King George’. The roots of George’s faith can be traced back to his family in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although he doesn’t appear to be extremely religious these days, despite having a cathedral on the grounds of his captivating Stargate Manor, the owner of the Texas Renaissance Festival had a complicated relationship with his family’s faith. While the show briefly touches on it, there’s still a bit more to learn about George’s religious background!

George Coulam was born into a Mormon family

George Coulam was born into the Mormon faith. He was the third child of six children born to his Mormon parents in Salt Lake City. Despite his religious background, George was apparently a bit infamous when he was a teenager. “I was a bad dog. During high school I had no direction. I was a loser who got into trouble a lot,” the TRF owner told Texas Monthly. He must have departed significantly from his faith when he left Salt Lake City, home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, after going to college in California.

George attended San Fernando Valley State College, currently known as California State University, located in Northridge. He immersed himself in the art world during his stay in California, where various types of festivals took place. Cherishing the experience of participating in these events, he was motivated to launch a similar festival in Salt Lake City. That was when his path crossed the Mormon Church again. The church authorities could not tolerate his idea of ​​organizing a Renaissance festival. According to George’s interview with Texas Monthly, he made Mormon church officials “very nervous” with his proposed plan.

‘At that time the church wanted to know everything that was going on there, and we were a bunch of people waving swords and quoting Shakespeare and going on and on. They had never seen anything like it,” George added about his life in the Texas Monthly interview. If we can fully trust the words of the TRF owner, George moved to Texas from Utah due to the intervention of the Mormon Church. Even though he was born a Mormon, his life does not conform to some of the principles of the faith, especially when it comes to sexuality. The family’s limitations on sexual intimacy cannot compare to George’s dating escapades.

Nowadays, George has a special way of describing himself. “I used to play the king, but now I’m a horny old man,” he told the documentary series co-created by Lance Oppenheim.

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